Discover our page dedicated to buying plots at Soleil Levant campsite. Here you’ll find all the information you need to purchase your own plot on our campsite. Whether you want to install a mobile home or carry out other projects, our team is here to help you. Take advantage of the opportunity to become an owner in our 4-star campsite in Charente-Maritime. Contact us now for full details of plots available for purchase.

For more information about mobile homes for sale in Charente-Maritime and plot rental rates near Royan, contact the 4-star Soleil Levant campsite in Meschers sur Gironde!

  • 100 m2 : 2520€
  • 150 m2 : 2880€

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Buy your mobile home from €20,000 on a 150m2 rental plot.

*Residential: March 15 to October 31